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Trade marks and designs applicants can amend various aspects of their applications, including updating administrative details such as names and addresses. Currently, applicants must submit a form requesting the amendment, which is then considered and actioned by IP Australia. Part 7 of the draft IP Laws Amendment Bill 2017 and Regulations proposed to make various amendments to the Trade Marks and Designs legislation to allow applicants to electronically amend certain administrative details of their application themselves. The amendments would also allow the Registrar to correct obvious errors in these details such as misspellings of names or addresses.
Closed 30-Aug-2017
Public consultation on this issue took place from November 2016 - February 2017. This issue has been closed in light of Part 9 of the draft IP Laws Amendment Bill 2017 (Computerised decision-making), which would allow for the types of amendments proposed under this Part.
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