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Legislative drafting
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Schedule 2 of the Designs Regulations contains a number of requirements based on IP Australia’s previous system of paper filing, for example, requirements in relation to fitness for reproduction, separate sheets, etc. As over 99% of design applications are filed electronically, these requirements are no longer necessary.


Identified for action 08-Aug-2019

Consultation 31-Oct-2019 to 20-Dec-2019

Policy development 20-Dec-2019 to 12-May-2020

Legislative drafting 12-May-2020


High priority, due to public interest in improving the Australian designs system. Work is being undertaken on the scope of any proposed amendments. 

IP Australia conducted a public consultation from 31 October to 20 December 2019 on policy issues being considered for inclusion in a Designs Bill in 2020. Consultation is now closed.

IP Australia has published the submissions received during consultation along with our response to those submissions.

This issue will be included in a 2020 Designs Bill. Further details can be found in our response to the consultation.

IP Australia is also undertaking a more holistic review of the designs ecosystem, as part of the Designs Review Project.