Phillip Sims from Robert Menz
19 March 2016

Phil Sims featured in front of Robert Menz confectionery

Robern Menz is an Australian confectionery brand that has been around since 1850. Today, they continue to deliver products such as FruChocs®, Crown Mints, Menz Choccy Snakes, RaspberryChocs and Choc Honeycomb.

In our interview with Phil Sims, CEO of Robern Menz, he talks about their most recognisable brand, FruChocs®, and the value of registering it as a trade mark. He also explains the benefit of seeking advice to confidently invest and protect your brand. This has allowed their family business to build well-known brands in both Australia and to expand into overseas markets. The brand range continues to strengthen with new and innovative products and IP protection is an important part of their business strategy.

In 2005 Menz FruChocs® became an official icon of South Australia by the National Trust (SA), which emphasises the importance of having registered the term FruChocs® as a trade mark. Registering its product has given the company the confidence it needs to continue investing in the brand.

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