The MOVUS team
1 May 2018

For this industry moving and globally expanding business, MOVUS sees its brand as its most valuable asset. CEO and Founder, Brad Parsons, knows it’s the brand that is what will live on and so he invested in trade mark protection early.

The name MOVUS comes from the words MOVing and indUStry, because that’s exactly what they’re doing. With the goal to disrupt industries, they’re focused on transforming machines that help preserve the Earth’s resources including water, food, energy and mining industries.

How, you ask? MOVUS’ FitMachine is designed to tell you when a machine is going to fail, before it does. Using their Machine Cloud, industrial machines can then be managed more effectively by capturing the health, condition, utilisation and energy. These have already been installed in well over a dozen industries and internationally.

We had a chat with Brad to hear why trade marks and IP protection has been a key strategy for the business.

‘So much money is spent on your brand, why wouldn’t you want to protect it?’ Brad asks. ‘I’d really encourage other business owners to register their brand.’

Safeguard your business with trade marks

As a business is going through the process of expansion, the brand is more valuable than ever. It’s the way you show your customers who you are, what product or services you provideand it distinguishes you from your competitors.

Brad saw the benefits of having an IP strategy to protect his business from the very start. He has now trade marked both the MOVUS brand and the FitMachine name and continues to consider what other products may need protection.

‘I decided to file for trade mark protection not long after starting,’ Brad explains. ‘We’re a globally expanding business, so we want to make sure we can confidently take our products internationally.’

Understand what you’re registering for

When you apply for your trade mark, you need to choose the classes of goods or services you will use the trade mark for. While Brad found the process of applying quite simple, he said the hardest aspect was determining the classes: ‘Having an understanding of the classes and the implications of choosing them would be useful.’

His advice to other businesses is make sure you understand what class you’re registering, whether its goods or services. This is important to make sure your trade mark is protected for what you actually need.

We showed Brad through our recently launched tool Trade Mark Assist, which is designed to guide you through the steps of a trade mark application including choosing the right classes. ‘It’s easy to engage with and consume as a business owner,’ he says. ‘It’s great to see tools that make it easier for business to protect their brand.’

Watch our chat with Brad

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