Stephen Ziguras, owner and designer of Eco wood design
21 March 2016

Stephen Ziguras started Eco wood design in 2010

Eco wood design specialises in custom-designed furniture. All the pieces are designed and hand-crafted by owner Stephen Ziguras.

For over a decade, Ziguras has been designing and making furniture, homewares and wooden objects to order.

His creations are influenced by:

  • The Arts and Craft movement.
  • Danish design.
  • Japanese techniques using recycled timber.

Danish-inspired handcrafted bowls are a feature of the Eco wood collection.

These geometric, sculptured bowls have been featured in the Design Files, Vogue Living and Furnishing International.

Early on Ziguras identified the importance of protecting his time and effort by investing in intellectual property (IP) protection but was unsure as to what type of protection he needed. His advice to others is to investigate the distinctions between different IP rights such as design, trade mark and copyright and figure out which ones will compliment your business objectives.

The main business advantage to registering IP for Eco wood design is that Ziguras is confident that his work and investment is protected and that he can pitch his design as being a unique product.

It can act as a deterrent to others who might copy his design or pass it off as their own. As an IP rights owner, Eco wood design has exclusive rights over its registered IP property.

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