Enabled Employment founder Jessica May
1 December 2017

‘Make sure your IP is the first thing you look at protecting,’ suggests Jessica May, founder of Enabled Employment. 

‘This includes understanding every person who has the rights to it and ensuring it is transferred or an agreement on IP sharing is struck. It will become your most valuable asset.’

Established by Jessica May, Enabled Employment is an online employment agency connecting people with disabilities to meaningful employment opportunities. The company is a finalist in the 2017 Talent Unleashed Awards in the most progressive workplace leader category.

Jessica said she knew right from when she first thought of the concept that it was really important to protect her brand.

‘We were starting a national service and wanted to be recognisable, and build a strong brand to stand out from the crowd. Running a mainstream recruitment service for people with a disability, veterans, seniors, carers and Indigenous Australians has not been tried before, and we’re the only company doing it, so we wanted our brand to be protected, hence I made sure I trade marked it.’

Jessica said she is also considering an innovation patent for the company’s custom built software, Lucid. The software automates much of the recruitment process including contracts, timesheets, invoicing and payroll.

‘In a short space of time, we have been recognised as thought leaders in the employment sector for those facing disadvantage in trying to find a job,’ said Jessica.

‘We are the first of our kind to not accept government or charity based funding and our brand is a very big component of how we portray ourselves to our clients. The brand itself has great market penetration, and we want it to be recognised as having integrity.’

Jessica said she found the application process very easy and did it herself online and she mentioned the company has not had to defend its brand.

‘I would hope that because we did our trade mark before we started trading that we have been protected from the start.’

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