19 March 2016

Michael Pearce, owner of Leaf Free Gutter Guard, talks about how advice from a legal professional helped his business identify the intellectual property (IP) rights that could improve its market position.

Leaf Free Gutter Guard is a complete gutter protection system that keeps leaves and debris out of your gutters. The product works without any need for screwing or drilling your roof or your gutters.

Protecting this unique and innovative product became a priority for Pearce and he enlisted a patent attorney to assist in lodging a detailed and successful application. He looked at the role protecting intellectual property was going to play in his overall business strategy. This approach allowed him to match his IP rights with his target market which adds value to the investment in IP protection. 

The application process can often seem complex and getting professional help meant that Leaf Free Gutter Guard was able to conduct a comprehensive search before submitting an application. This can help minimise the future risk of IP theft.

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