22 March 2016

The product: Moonraker communications systems

Moonraker Australia Pty Ltd is a Tasmanian-based technology company specialising in manufacturing complex antenna and radars systems, mainly for para-military forces around the world.

For 30 years, Moonraker’s dedication to producing sophisticated radio antenna systems has gained it international and Australian standards accreditation. The company is a regular supplier to several military forces around the world, including Honeywell Defence and the Australian Department of Defence.

The strategy: trade secrets (and a memorable name)

Because the technology evolves so quickly, trade secrets and rapid product development are important elements of Moonraker's IP strategy.

The integrity of its trade secrets is maintained through employee and subcontractor agreements to halt any dissemination of their technology to unauthorised parties. They also use confidentiality agreements when their know-how must pass to the outside world.

'You can go from a backyard operation to one that trades around the world, as we have, but to be a best practice organisation, it is essential to understand intellectual property rights and these rights as they exist in other countries', says managing director Chris Edwards.

He also says that Moonraker, a registered trade mark, is among the company's most important assets.

It began using the name in the late 1960's but didn't register it until later. Shortly after, the Bond movie of the same name came out. 'We did find that we got some recognition, and perhaps a bit of momentum from the coincidence', says Chris.

'Aside from the popularity of the movie, taking our trade mark seriously helped to position us and made us memorable. We know this because the movie has long been forgotten, but our registered trade mark is still valuable to us.'