18 February 2016

The plant: 'Angel' sulfonylurea-resistant legume

The 'Angel' cultivar is a world first in pasture legumes - it is resistant to sulfonylurea (SU) herbicide soil residues that can hamper crop growth.

'Angel' will enable farmers to continue to use SU herbicides in their normal winter cropping program while still retaining the benefits of productive and persistent legume pastures', says Jake Howie, the SARDI Pastures Group developer working with the variety. 'Angel' will also allow growers to use certain SU herbicides in summer weed control programs, significantly decreasing crop production loss.'

The company: SARDI

The SARDI Pastures Group partly relies on royalties from the sale of newly developed plant varieties to fund ongoing breeding. It has an excellent track record of commercial success. The success of 'Angel' has been the result of a collaborative effort with the University of Adelaide, with invaluable assistance from growers' funds.

The value of PBR

PBR safeguards enable SARDI to grant exclusive licences to selected seed companies to grow, market and sell SARDI varieties such as 'Angel'.