Sunburn plant variety (xdisphyllum)
12 March 2016

Attila Kapitany is passionate about plants. He has travelled the globe in search of unusual species, and when the perfect plant doesn't exist - he designs one.

In a year when his beloved succulents were dying in the harsh Aussie summer, Attila decided to breed a plant that could withstand extreme climatic conditions.

He crossed an Australian pink flowering, perennial creeper (Disphyma crassifolium), with a South African fruiting succulent (Glottiphyllum longum). The product was the hardy 'Sunburn' (xDisphyllum) that can withstand drought, frost, poor soil, saline water and is an excellent ground cover.

Its green foliage and yellow flowers have resulted in a distinctly Aussie ‘green and gold’ plant.

While Attila has bred many other plant cultivars, he thought it was important to register this one.

‘I think 'Sunburn' will be popular with landscapers and home gardeners. It's also relatively easy to produce using the techniques that I used. Registering 'Sunburn' means that I have the rights to royalties generated by plant sales,’ said Attila.

‘We also thought it was a good marketing strategy. No other plant is called 'Sunburn,' and now we own that title. We think this name is descriptive and unique. Hopefully it will help when marketing the plant.’

Attila Kapitany has 30 years experience growing cacti and succulents. 



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