Trade mark number: 
The Egg Corp Assured (ECA) Program has been developed to assist commercial egg producers implement sound quality assurance practices on their farm. ECA covers on farm practices relating to pullet rearing, egg production and grading/packing.

To obtain an ECA License, it is the business must complete a License Application form and send to AECL with the accompanying fee.

Farms with an existing third-party audited QA program will be able to have their program desk-audited against the ECA Program. If the desk audit demonstrates that their existing program complies with the ECA Program then they can continue to use and be audited against their own program, with compliance against their program also enabling accreditation to the ECA Program and the use of the Trade Mark on their products. Examples of Trade Mark usage include, egg cartons, tray labels, outer cartons, eggs, product packaging and marketing material.

Certification rules: 
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