Trade mark number: 
The Toothfriendly trade mark aims to promote public awareness of the dental advantages of foods and beverages which have been shown to be non-cariogenic and non-erosive, by means of dissemination of information and education of the public in general.

A product is considered to qualify for distinction with the Toothfriendly mark it lacks a significant cariogenic and erosive potential in healthy people under usual conditions of use.

In order to qualify for use of the mark, a product must be recognised, by Expert Opinion to be toothfriendly, ie. to lack a signification cariogenic and erosive potential. The Expert Opinion must be based on the results of an in vivo plague- pH - telemetry test which has been conducted by an independent test centre and which has shown that the product does not depress the pH of inter-dental plaque below a value of 5.7 during consumption and during a period of at least 30 minutes thereafter.

A full listing of test centres and evaluation measures is contained in the attached document.

In addition the product may not acidify the oral fluid to an extent that is considered to promote erosion of the tooth. Further criteria for eligibility is included in the attached document. Licensing of the Toothfriendly trade mark is administered by Aktion Zahnfreundlich.

Certification rules: 
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