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UNISIT ETHICALLY ASSURED is a scheme for certification of the procurement, management, production, product and distribution systems of business and organisations to indicate their degree of compliance with the UniSit Systems Ethics.

The Ethics of UniSit philosophy were arrived at by the application of formal philosophy, logic, to material philosophy, within the constraints of our current knowledge of science.

UniSit System Ethics is a system of ethics based in three fields of science:

  • a systems theory;
  • evolution, being a gradual process involving learning, during which something changes into a different, usually more complex form; and
  • biology, being the structure, function, growth and origin of living organisms.

The fundamental premise of UniSit Systems Ethics is that: since we are living totally dependant on this planet and its resources for our continuing survival, any organisation wishing to achieve long-term viability, ie. sustainability, must have at its core, a system of ethics in accordance with the natural systems on our planet.

Certification rules: 
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