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The Landcare Research carboNZero Programme aims to allow individuals and entities to use the carboNZero Certification Marks to promote the fact that they have measured and reduced their greenhouse gas emissions and neutralised the remaining unavoidable emissions of an organisation, part organisation, event, product, service, system or process by meeting the requirements of the carboNZero standards set out by Landcare Research.

The certification programme consists of a series of steps. Those seeking certification register in the programme for a fee and have access to resources to assist them to take their own steps in measuring, reducing and mitigating their greenhouse gas emissions.

They may also seek advice from third party consultants to assist them in this step. Once prospective licensees consider that they are ready to be assessed for certification, they advise Landcare Research of that and what they seek certification for. Landcare Research arranges for an independent third party verifier (who may be assisted by a technical expert) to conduct a verification in relation to the measurement, reduction and mitigation of greenhouse gases.

On receipt of a complete report from the verified, Landcare Research will assess whether the report shows that the prospective licensee has met the requirements for certification. Certification will be granted if Landcare Research is satisfied, after taking into account the verifiers report, that the prospective licensee has successfully measured, reduced and mitigated its greenhouse gas emissions.

Certification rules: 
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