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The Free Range Pork Farmers Association is proactive in promoting responsible outdoor pig production techniques and developing a standard and farm management plan that will guide each of our certified members to acknowledge the potential hazards that may occur and implement a plan to manage those risks.

The Free Range Pork Farmers Association was established to:

United all persons interested in free range pork production for their common benefit;

to provide a forum where collective action can be facilitated
to lead by example in promoting safe healthy food and environmentally sound practices and procedures as set out in the Free Range Pork Farmers Standard.
to collect and record data and facts relating to the free range farming of pigs and make this information available to its members
The Free Range Pork Farmers Association and licensed adhere to the following code of ethics. Further information can be found in the attached document.

  • All pigs should be able to fulfil their basic behavioural and physiological needs by having the freedom to forage on the land. Their general movements are not to be hindered by cages, stalls, tethers or confined yards.
  • Each free range pork producer is also a steward of the land and will put in place management practices that promote health and well being for humans, animals and the environment.
  • Australian consumer have the right to expect the food they buy to meet certain standards; that it be raised in according to sound animal husbandry techniques and free from contaminants that could jeopardize the wholesomeness of that food.
  • Where possible, a paddock rotation system will be put in place to minimise the build up of effluent, parasites and to minimise the impact to the land. Renovation of each paddock will be undertaken upon the removal of pigs by the use of harrows to spread the manure evenly, by planting crops or pasture or another suitable method.
  • Where possible, manure and spent bedding will be collected and composted for use as organic fertiliser on areas of land that are not already grazed by pigs.
  • Constructed housing/hutches, fences and yards should be built in a manner that they do not cause injury to the animals.
  • The health of pigs will not rely on preventative medications. Pigs will not be systematically fed antibiotics and their natural growth and body function will not be altered by the use of hormones, growth promotants or other medications.
Certification rules: 
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