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The Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst (CERA) certification is provided by the Society of Actuaries, USA. The CERA credential certifies a member to provide advisory and consulting services relating to the analysis of business conditions and related risk factors; actuarial services, financial advisory and financial consulting services.

There are three methods of obtaining the "CERA" credential. The first method, called the Examination Pathway, is base don a series of give subject matter examinations, one on line course and one half-day course.

The second method, called the Thought-Leaders Pathway, is based on demonstrated expertise and substantial experience in the field of enterprise risk management. This method will not be available after 2008.

The third method is called the Experienced Practitioners Pathway and is based on a minimum three years of substantial experience in the field of enterprise risk management, but not at the same level as that of Thought-Leaders, as well as the successful completion of a short seminar (including an assessment component).

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