Trade mark number: 
The Australian Certified Organic Trade Mark was established by the Biological Farmers of Australia Co-op Ltd to promote the principals of organic agriculture as defined by the Australian Organic Standard 2006.

The Australian Organic Standard 2006 outlines the minimum requirements for Australia Certified Organic (ACO) certification of organic produce. The Standard also outlines requirements for Codex HACCP for safe food production, whilst also listing basic requirements for managing an organic Environment Management System (EMS) and biodynamic production. The standard applies to the following products that carry or are intended to carry descriptive labelling referring to organic production methods or organic certification:

  • unprocessed products from plants, animals, cultured organisms and approved naturally occurring materials; and
  • processed products derived mainly from above.

Products are not compatible with the principles of organic agriculture and are not permitted under this Standard where they are derived from genetic engineering practices or products or are treated with ionising radiation for post harvest purposes.

Certification rules: 
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