Trade mark number: 
The Healthy Kids Certification Trade Mark aims to provide consumers with an easily recognisable symbol that indicates that an Approved Product is lower in energy and/or total fat and/or saturated fat and/or sodium or higher in fibre and/or calcium than foods from the same food category. The Trade Mark will assist consumers selecting healthier options for children at point of sale.

The Association will grant a Licence to Applicants who make an application for such a Licence in accordance with these rules, provided:

  • a Dietician or Nutritionist determines that the proposed product of the applicant meets the Nutritional Criteria for the relevant product category or is within a 10% range of meeting each of the criterion of the Nutritional Criteria provided the Association has determined that due to the overall nutritional value of the Proposed Product, this is sufficient for the purposes of these rules.
  • the nutrition information panel on the packaging of the proposed product is consistent with the analysis for that proposed product
  • if required by the Association, the Applicant pays the applicable fee for the assessment of the matters referred to in rule 9(1).
Certification rules: 
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