Trade mark number: 
The Apera Trade Mark was established by the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation, as the Australian Government statutory authority responsible for providing strategic support to the Australian wine sector.

The Apera Trade Mark aims to promote responsible practices in the Australian wine industry by requiring licensees to adhere to a set of rules and the Fortified Wines Code of Practice.

The core responsibilities of the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation include export regulation and compliance, domestic and international wine promotion, wine sector information and analysis, defining the boundaries of Australia's wine producing areas and assisting with negotiations with other countries to reduce trade barriers.

Certification requirements:

  • completion of an application form for a Licence Agreement
  • submission to the AWBC of the proposed labelling
  • approval of the proposed labelling by the AWBC
  • adherence with the Code of Practice
  • adherence with the Food Standards Code and
  • completion of a Licence Agreement, including payment of the Licence Fee
Certification rules: 
1276429-180525-rules.pdf PDF in PDF format [6.42 MB]