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NOSCAE is a non-profit corporation formed in 1969 in response to a need for a performance test standard for American Football helmets. NOSCAE provides safety certification for sporting goods and equipment.

Since 1974 NOCSAE has developed standards and testing methods for a range of sporting equipment. The use of the NOCSAE Certification Trade Mark is governed by the Rules set out in the attached document.

The rules relate to the following goods: athletic equipment, protective sports helmets, sports guards, balls being sporting articles, eye protectors, gloves for sporting purposes and sporting equipment.

In order to certify goods, the person or entity seeking to make that certification must:

  • have executed the Licence Agreement
  • participate in annual verification by an independent third-party laboratory
  • agree to submit their laboratory and personnel to independent and ad hod inspections and;
  • account quarterly in writing for all goods certified.
Certification rules: 
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