Trade mark number: 
The Mount View word trade mark is was devised by the Hunter Valley Wine Industry Association to be available for use by any qualifying applicant for the promotion of quality wine grapes and wine originating in the Mount View region.

The Mount View trade mark objectives:

  • To provide information to members on their rights and obligations to ensure correct use of the mark as intended.
  • To build confidence amongst the wine-buying trade and consumers that wine grapes and wine bearing the mark originate in the Mount View region and have the particular quality that is attributable to wine grapes and wine which originate in the Mount View region.
  • To raise the profile of the wine grapes and wines which originate in the Mount View region.

An applicant for a licence to use the mark must satisfy the following criteria:

Wine grapes must "originate in" the Mount View region, and wines must comply with the minimum blending requirements for use of a single geographical indication, as required by the Australia Wine & Brandy Corporation Act, 1980 and/or the Australian Wine & Brandy Corporation Regulations, 1981 (or any legislation or regulations which supercede these, items, to the extent that it deals with the use of geographical indications in the description and presentation of wine)

Wine grapes and wines must be of a minimum standard, being produced in accordance with the reasonably acceptable viticultural and oenological standards adopted in the Mount View region, and otherwise complying with all relevant regulatory requirements including as applicable, the Label Integrity Program and the Good Standards Code.

Certification rules: 
1312893-180525-rules.pdf PDF in PDF format [626.59 KB]