Trade mark number: 
The CERTIFIED SAFE Trade Mark intends to identify those products and articles for children that have been tested for safety by ICQ HOLDING according to safety standards set out by legislation and ICQ standards and directives.

The CERTIFIED SAFE Trade Mark is applicable to products and articles for children:

that have been subjected by ICQ HOLDING, to tests foreseen by the law in the field of the safety of products and that attend the essential requirements established by all applicable Standards and Directives;

  • that have been subjected by ICQ HOLDING to the tests and assessments contained in the technical enclosure of the attached document which is an integral part of this rule;
  • whose production or lots of finished production personnel authorised by ICQ HOLDING have inspected.

The mark aims to give in the appropriate way the information about the level of safety of the product to all interested subjects.

The mark aims to boost the cooperation between client and supplier in order to get a competitive product and a high level of safety.

The mark aims to spread an image of safety applied to the product world and issued by an independent Body.

Certification rules: 
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