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The Certified Carbon Fund Org. Trade Mark aims to indicate that the greenhouse gas emissions emitted through the "life cycle" of the goods from manufacture to sale have been offset by the purchase of verified carbon offsets in the form of financial support or verified projects to reduce equivalent greenhouse gas emissions from other energy uses, and/or by financial support or projects which remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

An application for a Licence under the Certified Carbon Fund Org Trade Mark made by an applicant to become an approved user must be in accordance with the requirements outlined in the certification policy as attached, including but not limited to the provision of the following:

Registration Form including the applicant's full name, legal identity, address and details of the products to be certified;

Life Cycle Assessment for each product to be certified;

Certification Program Agreement signed by both the applicant and the Certification Trade Mark (CTM) Owner that defines the certification service to be provided, the legal commitment by the application to the certification program and the terms under which the CTA will be used in connection with the applicant's Certified Products; and

Payment of the relevant Certification Fees to the CTM Owner

The CTM may require further information and evidence from an applicant if it considers that further information and evidence is necessary so that it can satisfy itself that the products to be provided by the applicant will meet the certification policy.

Certification rules: 
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