Trade mark number: 
Right Way Service Skills Australia Trade Mark is available to individual trainers and assessors who have the required industry experience, current vocational competencies and a qualification in training and or assessment.

Each service industry Training Package outlines stringent assessor requirements, outlined in the Assessment Guidelines document, which have been determined through the in-put of industry practitioners. To maintain this recognition they must participate in professional development activities. It is a quality assurance requirement that certified trainers and assessors:

  • have achieved a qualification in training and or assessment
  • have relevant experience in the sector in which they are training and assessing - vocational competence in various units of competency
  • have comprehensive current knowledge of the industry, current industry practices and the job role against which performance is being assessed
  • participate in industry specific professional development activities to update the currency of their industry experience

These requirements have been used as the basis for Right Way Trainer and Assessor recognition.

Certification rules: 
1399972-180525-rules.pdf PDF in PDF format [7.6 MB]