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Certification is available to any individual who meets all of the qualifications and requirements for achieving certification set out in the rules.

In order to be certified candidates must complete 100 hours of emergency management and general management training within the 10 year period preceding the application. They must also satisfactorily complete a comprehensive management essay in the form of a written narrative response to a problem scenario. 

Candidates will be required to provide 3 signed letters of reference and pass with a score of 75% or better a multiple choice examination designed to confirm qualifications of an emergency manager. They will be required to have 3 years of documented work experience in the field of emergency management, participate in at least one full scale exercise encompassing all phases of emergency management and hold a completed baccalaureate or non-U.S equivalent degree (may be supplemented with relevant work experience). Candidates will also require six documented contributions to the profession.

CEM certification is effective for 5 years. CEM’s will be required to undertake continuing professional development.

Only an individual who has met the requirements of certification is authorised to make use of and display the Mark as CEM.

Certification rules: 
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