Trade mark number: 
The Jilin Ginseng Association of China established their trade mark to promote the standardised planting, processing and management of Changbai Mountain Ginseng.The trade mark can be transliterated as CHANGBAISHANRENSHEN and translated in English as LONG WHITE HILL PEOPLE GINSENG.

In order to qualify for the trade mark certification, producers must become certified members of the Jilin Ginseng Association of China. The products must come from the area as specified by the Jilin Ginseng Association, with 14 main production cities and countries within 4 regions of the Jilin Province including:

  • Fusong
  • Jingyu
  • Changbai
  • Jiangyuan
  • Tonghua
  • Huinan
  • Antu
  • Wangqing
  • Linjiang
  • Ji'an
  • Dunhua
  • Huichun
  • Jiaohe
  • Huadian
Certification rules: 
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