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At the time of filing, this trade mark was owned by HACCP Australia Pty Ltd. HACCP Australia Pty Ltd is a company which operates in the business of food safety certification. HACCP International offers certification to those organisations that demonstrate compliance to food safe principals in their product design and operation which meet the approval and standards of HACCP International. Such organisations may be granted a licence to use and display the HACCP International Certification Trade Mark.

The rules governing the use of this registration certify the following:

The HACCP International Certification Trade Mark may only be:

a) reproduced as follows:

(i) Size: The Mark can be reproduced in any size providing the relative proportions of The

Mark are not distorted or altered. For smaller reproductions of The Mark, the wording

may be omitted for the sake of legibility.

(ii) Wording: Except for the above modification for smaller reproductions, no alterations to the style or content of the wording "HACCP International Food Safety Certification Programme" or "HACCP International Food Safety Certification Programme" is permitted without the express written permission of HACCP International.

(iii) Colours: The Mark may be reproduced in any two colour format.

(iv) Artwork and other Material for Reproducing The Mark: HACCP International will

provide artwork for companies wishing to re-produce The Mark. This artwork is

available in a variety of forms, including electronic versions, labels, etc. Information on these promotional materials may be obtained from HACCP International.

b) used in a manner that:

(i) relates directly to the physical locations, products, services, or business capabilities detailed in the licence agreement or certification statement.

(ii) does not imply or suggest that the certification covers physical locations, products,

services or business capabilities that are not detailed in the certificate and/or the licence agreement and /or the certification statement(s).

Certification rules: 
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