Trade mark number: 
At the time of filing, this trade mark was owned by the Wi-Fi Alliance. The MIRACAST trade mark certifies products that have completed testing for interoperability of devices using wireless networking technology from multiple manufacturers.

Products submitted for testing and certification under the MIRACAST program are tested at laboratories accredited by the Wi-Fi Alliance to perform certification for Wi-Fi Alliance members. The authorised lab tests the device to determine whether it meets the required technical capabilities set forth in the Wi-Fi Alliance’s Wi-Fi Display Specification. The authorised test labs include:

  • Allion Test Labs, Inc
  • AT4 Wireless Interoperability Certification Lab 
  • Bureau Veritas ADT
  • CETECOM Inc.
  • SGS Group
  • Telecommunications Technology Association
  • TMC China’s Interoperability Certification Lab
Certification rules: 
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