Trade mark number: 
At the time of filing, this trade mark was owned by the Australian Childhood Foundation, which is an independent national not-for-profit organisation seeking to prevent child abuse and reduce the subsequent harm caused. The registered AUSTRALIAN CHILDHOOD FOUNDATION SAFEGUARDING CHILDREN ACCREDITED ORGANISATION certification reflects an organisation that has implemented an effective management system for protecting children from abuse and exploitation, namely, by demonstrating an ongoing organisational commitment to best practice and quality improvement in relation to the protection of children and young people.

The rules governing the use of this credential certify that the organisation has demonstrated compliance with seven standards: commitment to safeguarding children; personnel roles and conduct; recruitment and screening practices; personnel induction and training; involving children and parents; child abuse reports and allegations; and supporting a child-safe culture. Accreditation is achieved following the submission of a final report prepared by the Safeguarding Children Consultant for consideration by the SCP Accreditation Panel. 

Certification rules: