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At the time of filing this trademark was owned by PLANETREE INC a united states company based in Connecticut USA specialising in medical/healthcare/hospital services.

The rules governing the use of this registration certify the following points:

The certification is based on eleven core dimensions of patient – centred care including structures and functions necessary for culture change; human interactions; promoting patient education, choice and responsibility; family involvement; dining, food and nutrition; healing environment; healthy communities; measurement and more, the criteria collectively uniquely capture the depth and scope of what it takes, in real terms, to implement and maintain a patient-centred culture.  They address the patient and resident experience, as well as the experiences of family members, front-line staff, leadership teams, the medical staff, patient and family advisors and board members.

This reflective process is intended to help organizations celebrate successes and develop action plans for shoring up gaps.  It is not sufficient for an applicant to demonstrate its patient-/resident-centred practices on paper; it must be apparent from interacting with patients, residents and staff that the organization lives its commitment to patient-/resident-centred care daily. 

Planetree schedules a site visit that consists of the following:

  • Observation of services
  • Facility walk-through
  • Focus groups with patients/residents and families
  • Focus groups with staff and organization leadership (including members of the governing board
  • Meeting with Patient/Resident and Family Advisory Council Random patient/resident and staff interviews
  • A review of outcomes measurement data
  • Meeting with the group that oversees organization-wide implementation of patient-cantered practices
Certification rules: 
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