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At the time of filing, this trade mark was owned by ARRB Group Ltd they are a trusted advisor on roads and transport. ARRB provides research, consulting, products and information services to the road and transport industry. ARRB applies research outputs to develop equipment that collects road and traffic information, and software that assists with decision-making across road networks. ARRB is the leading provider of road research and best practice workshops in Australia. ARRB's member organisations include federal, state and local government bodies responsible for managing the nation's transport and road networks and the New Zealand Transport Agency. ARRB and its members, both individually and collectively as Austroads, recognise the critical role that they play in supporting one another to improve productivity, safety, sustainability and amenity outcomes for the community

Certification is designed for the technical evaluation of Products that fall outside the scope of established standards and specifications. In its current form, TIPES is intended for the assessment of road pavement construction Products. Products in the context of this Guide may refer to innovative technologies, products, equipment and processes. ARRB shall decide if the Technical Opinion for a product will be registered after consideration of recommendations made by the Product Evaluation Panel and Independent Technical Experts.

Certification rules: 
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