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At the time of filing this trade mark was owned by Meat & Livestock Australia Limited. The applicant operates the Livestock Global Assurance Program (LGAP), which is an international certification program designed to foster world's best practice in the management and welfare of livestock that are intended for slaughter for food supply, or for cultural or religious observances. The livestock species covered by LGAP include bovine (i.e. cattle), bubaline (i.e. buffalo), caprine (i.e. goats) and ovine (i.e. sheep). LGAP was developed in a collaborative partnership between Meat & Livestock Australia, the Australian Livestock Export Corporation and the Australian Government through research and development projects undertaken between 2013 and 2016. Operators and Facilities fulfilling the LGAP Certification Requirements (i.e. the LGAP Certification Rules and LGAP Standards) may seek certification under LGAP.

The Certification Requirements under LGAP include:

  1. the LGAP Certification Rules (this document);


b) the LGAP Standards - which consist of:

i) LGAP 1000 Livestock assurance - Fundamentals and vocabulary;

ii) LGAP 1001 Livestock assurance – Requirements for animal welfare and


iii) LGAP 1002 Livestock assurance – Requirements for the management system of Operators and Facilities; and

iv) LGAP 1003 Livestock assurance – Requirements for Operator chain of custody; and


c) any notices, policies, procedures or other documents or instructions issued by the Program Owner from time-to-time to enable the operation of LGAP.

Refer 5.1 Certification Requirements, Trade Mark Certification Rules

Certification rules: 
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