Trade mark number: 
At the time of filing, this trade mark was owned by Glycemic Index Foundation. The rules governing the use of this registration certify four main points:
  • The Products have been tested and determined to have a GI of less than or equal to 69 in accordance with ISO 26642:2010.
  • The GI of the Product is at least 25% less than the Average GI Value of Like Products;
  • The Products meet the Nutrient Criteria for the relevant Product category; and

The Products and associated packaging and promotional material comply with all relevant laws, regulations and codes of practice including the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and are in accordance with the Foundation’s current usage and advertising guidelines which may be amended by the Foundation from time to time.

Certification rules: 
1779430_161010_initial_rules_2.pdf PDF in PDF format [245.04 KB]