Trade mark number: 
At the time of filing, this trade mark was owned by CONSORZIO PER LA TUTELA DEL FORMAGGIO ASIAGO. CONSORZIO PER LA TUTELA DEL FORMAGGIO ASIAGO is a consortium born to protect the production of the cheese specialities of the Plateau of Asiago and the Seven municipalities from foreign imitations within the market.

The rules governing the use of this registration certify:

  • Goods marketed with this trade mark can be used only by authorised entities to identify a cheese which fulfils the conditions and requirements set out in the “Production specifications of the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Asiago”, and can only be used by companies that produce, age, pack, portion, bring to the market and sell Asiago cheese identified and protected by the trade mark
  • Goods marked with this trade mark must be associated (and up to date with consortium fees and the contribution to the consortium’s activities) to the Consortium, or authorized (and up to date with payment of fees)
  • Must have obtained health authorisation;
  • Must be inserted in the control system of the PDO Asiago (for those companies that produce, age and portion the cheese)
  • Must be registered in the Registers of Companies of the Italian Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture or of an equal entity in another country, and be active members
  • Must be up to date with the payment of the annual fee due to the Chamber of Commerce
  • Must not be bankrupt, entered into an arrangement with creditors or subject to liquidation of the assets;
  • Must be free of protest for non payment during the five years preceding the application
  • Must have not been convicted for fraud with a decision which have become final during the five years preceding the application, with reference to the production and the sale of food;
  • Must pay the fee for the use of the Trade Mark;
  • Must keep to parameters for the use of the Trade Mark specified in the guidelines
  • Must be no warnings against them issued by national or international Institutes for economic protection growth, due to unfair commercial behaviour causing damage to production
Certification rules: 
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