Trade mark number: 
At the time of filing, this trade mark was owned by Investment Management Consultants Association. The CIMA certification program means the CIMA/Certified Investment Management Analyst certification program. This program is offered by the Australian arm of the institute, Investment Management Consultants Association Australia Limited and its approved registered education provider.

The rules governing the use of this registration certify that:

  • Those persons who have completed and adhered to the requirements listed shall be deemed to have met the certification requirements ("Approved User").
  • The use of the Trade Mark by the Approved User is contingent upon: fulfilling the continuing educational requirements set by the Institute’s CIMA Certification Commission, including the requirements for recertification; and adhering to the provisions of the Code of Professional Responsibility published by the Institute.
  • The Trade Mark is to be used by the Approved User in the manner specified in the Marks Use Guide (attached at Schedule 3).
Certification rules: 
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