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The IBLCE is an international certification body based in Virginia,United States of America. The IBLCE was established in March 1985 for the purpose of creating and enforcing standards in the then newly - emerging profession of lactation consulting. As set out in Article II of its By-Laws, the purpose of the IBLCE is to serve the public and the field of lactation consulting through the establishment and maintenance of criteria and procedures for certification and recertification.

The IBLCE has, since 1985, performed its functions by establishing and administering the International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) credential. The IBCLC Credential certifies that the professional holding that credential has appropriate knowledge and experience in the field of lactation and breastfeeding care based on a set of criteria established by the IBLCE. IBCLC certified professionals work with other maternal-child healthcare professionals to provide expert breastfeeding and lactation care advice and support, promote changes that support breastfeeding and help reduce the risks associated with not breastfeeding. A candidate wishing to obtain the IBCLC Credentiamust complete the IBCLC Certification Program run by the IBLCE.

Certification rules: 
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