Trade mark number: 
At the time of filing, this trade mark was owned by Interns Aus Ltd. The owner is an Australian Public Company. The overarching aim of the certification scheme is to support diversity and inclusion by recognising and promoting employers that are committed to offering internships that are available to Australians from all socio-economic backgrounds; and create a culture of fair and quality internships in Australia.

The rules governing the use of this registration certify that:

  • Interns have appropriate legal and financial conditions to ascribe value to their work and ensure that people from all socio-economic backgrounds are able to participate. Interns will be paid at or above minimum or award wage, and will be subject to signed contracts individually or in conjunction with their education institution.
  • Interns and/or their education institutions will develop collaborative goals and learning outcomes at the beginning of the internship. On the job training will be provided on a schedule, and performance review and feedback will be provided.
  • Interns will be provided with a safe and healthy workplace with induction upon commencement and assignment of a mentor and/or buddy. Interns will also be provided with a point of contact who is not their mentor and/or buddy in the case of disputes.
Certification rules: 
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