Trade mark number: 
At the time of filing, this trade mark was owned by iLearnDrones Pty Ltd. The Certification trade mark certifies that on the services identified by the trade mark, Licensees who display the DRONE INDUCT Logo meet the standards and processes set by iLearnDrones in terms of training, knowledge and competence, relating to an induction process in the workplace for the use and operation of drones in a workplace setting. The Certification Trade mark also certifies that performance of those services by Licensees comply with iLearnDrones standards for organisations to induct their employees and workplace contractors to use and operate drones in a safe and regulated manner in the workplace.

The requirements for displaying the DRONE INDUCT Logo are detailed in this section. Certification standards of the services identified in the Certification Marks are based upon authorised users of the Certification Mark meeting the following Certification Standards:

1. Holding a current Remote Pilot Licence;

2. Having complete itself the Drone Induct Program;

3. Completing the details required in Certification Application Form Licensees must renew their certification annually.

Continued authorisation to use the Certification Marks is based upon adherence to the Rules, resupply of the Licensees current Remote Pilot Licence and other details as well as payment of the Recertification Fees by way of submitting the Recertification Form.

Certification rules: 
1973454_rules.pdf PDF in PDF format [2.49 MB]