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At the time of filing, this trademark was owned by Sustainability Victoria, a state government agency established under the Sustainability Victoria Act 2005 (Vic). The certification mark is intended for newly built homes that have met high-performance design specifications covering integrity of the building envelope, minimum thermal performance levels, air tightness and insulation integrity, installation of high-efficiency appliances and lighting, and on-site renewable energy generation. The objectives of the program are to: • Improve the supply of energy-efficient homes that are naturally more comfortable in winter and summer and enhance the health and wellbeing of occupants; • Increase consumer demand for energy-efficient homes; • Achieve energy efficiencies and greenhouse gas savings in the residential building sector; • Promote sustainable design; and • Establish a robust and reliable environmental performance rating system for newly built homes.

The rules governing the use of this registration certify that:

• TOMORROW LIVING Homes must meet the requirements of the specification. This is a two-step process that covers (a) design; and (b) as-built verification:

a. Design: The applicant is required to demonstrate that the home design submitted for certification achieves a Beyond 6-star NatHERS rating (as detailed in the Specification) and achieves a 100% or better ZNC Design Rating using the ZNC Design Tool.

b. As-built verification: Once built, the home will be audited against the Design Ratings and tested against the ABV requirements of the Specification by the as-built verifier to ensure that the design and construction are consistent and compliant with the Beyond 6 -star NatHERS rating, ZNC Design Rating and ABV requirements of the Specification.

Certification rules: 
1982088_final_rules.pdf PDF in PDF format [1.41 MB]