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At the time of filing, this trade mark was owned by State of Queensland C/- The Department of Transport and Main Roads. Q-RIDE courses are designed to facilitate learning of the safe operation of motorcycles. These courses are designed to increase rider knowledge, handling skills and risk asessment. The Q-RIDE program is broken into three levels Q-Ride pre-learner course, Q-Ride restricted RE course and Q-Ride unrestricted (R) course.

The Certification Rules provide the requirements for the operation of a Q-RIDE RSP (registered service provider). The approval holder must comply with these requirements as a condition of their approval under s76 of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management – Accreditation and Other Provisions) Regulation 2015 (Accreditation Regulation). The Business Rules are authorised under section 93 of the Accreditation Regulation

Certification rules: 
2077337_initial_rules.pdf PDF in PDF format [700.73 KB]