Trade mark number: 
At the time of filing, this trade mark was owned by Grain Trade Australia Ltd. Grain Trade Australia Ltd was formed in 1991 to formalise commodity trading standards, develop and publish the trade rules and standardise grain contracts across the Australian grain industry. Grain Trade Australia Ltd's role today is to ensure the efficient facilitation of commercial activities across the grain supply chain.

The purpose of these Trade Mark Rules include the following:

a. to create a “level playing field” with regard to the quality of grain being traded which facilitates transparency in pricing and the quality of the Australian crop, benefitting producers and traders alike;
b. to ensure consistency in the quality of the grain being traded and the confidence of buyers of Australian grain;
c. to describe the particular qualities and characteristics of particular grades of various grain commodities with reference to common characteristics (such as protein, moisture and screenings); and
d. to reflect a broad-based industry consensus in relation to quality and specifications

Certification rules: 
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