Trade mark number: 
At the time of filing, this trade mark was owned by Anthony Gargan. Mr Gargan has senior executive experience in organisational culture and behaviour, and an acute understanding of the connection between organisational culture and the quality of relationships within organisations and within the community.

This trade mark is to be known as the Verified inclusive Practice Certification mark.

The rules governing use of this registration certify five main points:

That providers of goods or services marked with this trade mark have:

  • an Enterprise charter (or equivalent other policy documents) that outline the organisational objectives and aspirations for inclusive workplace behaviour and practice
  • documented education and information processes supporting the charter and/or equivalent organisational policies
  • documented processes relating to the reporting, acknowledgement, record keeping and resolution of incidents relating to inclusion and diversity
  • documented information and measurement processes that indicate the outcomes of the organisational diversity plans
  • effective communication and publication of the policies, processes and practice in an accessible form, for both internal and external stakeholders, and the wider community
Certification rules: 
2252752_rules.pdf PDF in PDF format [220.84 KB]