Trade mark number: 
The Canola word trade mark was established by the Canola Council of Canada and aims to improve the production of oilseed and oilseed products and to promote the distribution, production and sale of products which comply with approved standards.

The use of the Canola certification mark is intended to indicate that the oilseed products that are to be licensed are of the following defined standards:

  • (a) the vegetable oil shall be the oil extracted from oilseed which is seed of the species Brassica Napus or Brassica Campestris the oil component of which seed contains less than 2% erucic acid, and the solid component of which seed contains less than 3 milligrams of glucosinolate per gram of solid (GLC Method-MacGregor);
  • (b) the edible oils and fats shall include oils extracted from the oilseed (a)
  • (c) the oilseed protein concentrate shall be the protein concentrate extracted from the oilseed defined in (a).
Certification rules: 
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