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The Quality Endorsed Company certification is administered by Quality Assurance Services and aims to increase stakeholder confidence in companies through certifying their Quality Management Systems.

There are four options available for certification through the Quality Endorsed Company trade mark certification:

  • Quality Endorsed Company - This is the broadest and most popular ISO management system certification option. This program has all the features which underpin the quality management philosophy in general. It is wide-ranging and flexible in application takes your central business aims as its focus; and requires that your management system contains the facility to promote both continuous improvement and demonstrative customer focus
  • ISO 9000 for Small Business (less than 10 employees) - The Small Business Program is for small business which want ISO 9000 Management System certification. To qualify, you need to be a single work site, employ up to 10 people and have a simple or single scope. A 'simple scope' means that you are providing one single service or product. For example, if you are a stockist, distributor, provider of low-risk products or services, you may be eligible for the Small Business Program.
  • Assessment of Key Suppliers - As well as assessing your own Quality Management System, QAS can independently audit the quality management performance of your key suppliers - either to ISO 9000 requirements or your own criteria.
  • One-off Assessment - One-off assessments can be performed for organisations that wish to have a quality audit without certification. This provides your organisation with a snapshot of how your system is meeting your needs at the time.
Certification rules: 
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