Trade mark number: 
The Integrated Pest Management (IPM) trade mark was established by Australasian Biological Control Inc (ABC) to certify agents or professionals that are practicing and promoting Intergrated Pest Management as assessed by ABC.

The trade mark may be applied by individuals or companies that have been certified/approved to the licensing standard of Australasian Biological Control Inc. ABC Inc has the following aims and objectives as an association:

  • to disseminate information on biological control and IPM
  • to foster co-operation and liaison between producers of beneficial arthropods
  • to promote the best use of beneficial arthropods
  • to ensure that the quality of its products is maintained
  • to develop accurate pesticide susceptibility data
  • to foster co-operation with researchers in the relevant field
  • to encourage the development of monitoring and consulting services in the field of IPM
  • to establish a lobby group to deal with legislation that may affect us
Certification rules: 
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