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Certified Occupational Hand Therapist (CHT) is a certification available to occupational therapists that specialise in and can meet the assessment criteria as defined by the Hand Therapy Certification Commission.

Rules for becoming a Certified Occupational Hand Therapist or Physical Hand Therapist & using the certification mark:

  • work for 5 years in a clinical setting
  • make sure that at least 4000 hours is in hand therapy
  • taking continuing education courses in hand therapy
  • join a study group
  • become a member of a hand therapy organisation
  • contact HTCC for information on the test for certification
  • do independent study
  • take a course in an area you feel your skills are weak
  • set aside time to study every week, several months before you take the examination to become certified
  • be sure to get your application in by July 1st of the year you take the exam
  • read the Journal of Hand Therapy
  • get to the test on time and bring your ID and a #2 pencil
  • use your best clinical judgement when you answer the questions
Certification rules: 
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