Trade mark number: 
The Australian Manufacturer Stamp Scheme was established by Pressure Equipment Association Inc to signify that pressure equipment has been manufactured in Australia under a quality regime which has been externally audited and registered.

The Criteria required for admission to AMSS are:

  • a proven ability to manufacture acceptable pressure equipment in Australia
  • payment of the prescribed fees
  • lodgement with AMSS of a description of the means of achieving the credibility of the pressure equipment manufactured by the member. Such description should include where applicable the registration of accreditation certification of any formal quality scheme such as ISO 9000, an integrated gas cylinder test station or an integrated pressure equipment test station
  • notification of the approved signatories vested with the responsibility of signing manufacturer's data reports on behalf of the manufacturer
  • agreement that the AM stamp will be surrendered to AMSS immediately upon the company ceasing to manufacture pressure equipment or ceasing to fulfil any of the above criteria
Certification rules: 
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