Trade mark number: 
The Mongolian Pure Cashmere trade mark was established by the Mongolian FiberMark Society to promote cashmere originating in Mongolia, produced in accordance with the quality guidelines of the Society.

In order to apply for certification under the Mongolian Pure Cashmere trade mark applicants must:

  • submit an application that includes a narrative of control procedures that pertain to quality.
  • show proof of the purchase of Mongolian origin cashmere e.g a certificate of origin from the Mongolian Chamber of Commerce of invoice from a Society approved re-seller of Mongolian cashmere.
  • send a product fibre sample of inspection and testing by the owner for each new product for which approval is requested.
  • submit proposed product labelling as pertaining to fibre content.
  • agree to spot checks of production facilities, raw material storage and processing facilities and random sampling of manufactured products off the shelf.
  • pay an application fee which covers cost of product testing, spot checks and enforcement.
Certification rules: 
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