Trade mark number: 
The Smart Approved Watermark was established by the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) to provide an identifiable label for consumers so that they can make informed choices when choosing products, services and organisations that use water efficiently, reducing per capita water consumption.

The Smart Approved Watermark scheme is a not-for-profit scheme. Possible products that may apply for the watermark are:

  • Trigger hoses
  • Drip systems
  • Weep hoses
  • Microspray systems
  • Tap timers
  • Electronic water controllers
  • Moisture sensors
  • Rainfall sensor programs
  • Low water using plants
  • Low water using lawns
  • Mulch
  • Rain water tanks
  • Watering spikes
  • High pressure cleaning equipment
  • Grey water permanent tank systems

Possible services that may apply for the watermark are:

  • Green plumbers
  • Water saving retrofit services
  • Watering saving training and accreditation programs
  • Water efficient design of occupied and new buildings
  • Maintenance programs for irrigation systems
  • IAA certified irrigation designer services for water efficient gardens and irrigation systems
  • IAA certified landscape irrigation auditor programs

Possible organisations that may apply for the watermark:

  • Councils demonstrating water or efficiency programs (ie. parks and developers adopting water saving efficiency measures in new developments)
  • IAA certified irritation designers
  • IAA certified landscape designers
Certification rules: 
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