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The Yarra Valley Brand (YV Brand) is a regional marketing initiative focusing on place of origin branding and incorporates both the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges. The Yarra Valley Brand is a strategic collaborative way for businesses from the key industries of tourism, food, wine and agribusiness to promote the unique promise of the region based on its established values of premium quality, natural beauty, personal passion and commitment and clean, green image.

Yarra Valley Brand licensing is voluntary. Each applicant must designate a primary business enterprise related to their core activity for which they are applying for eligibility and list other complementary activities/business/product for which they wish to display the Yarra Valley Brand logo.

Assessment of eligibility will be made via a point scoring process in addiction to two key non negotiable eligibility criteria which will culminate in a site visit by the Yarra Valley Brand assessors to verify the eligibility criteria.

The two key non negotiable criteria for eligibility are the type of business and geographical area and boundaries. A third non negotiable criteria for the eligibility to the Yarra Valley Brand scheme is scoring a minimum of 25 points in the Regional Origin section with the exception of value added products which requires a minimum 15 points for eligibility.

Type of business

All enterprises involved in the four key industries of tourism, food, wine and agribusiness involved in primary, secondary or tertiary food processing in the designated region may apply for a full licence.

Geographical Area

As the Yarra Valley Brand encompasses a wide variety of businesses, 2 key geographical areas have been set dependent on the type of business.

Certification rules: 
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